Audion Pandymatic 400

Audion Pandymatic 400
Pandymatic on joustava ja edullinen pakkauskone, joka muodostaa pakkauksen putkimallisesta muovisukasta. Helppokäyttöisyys ja selkeät toiminnot tekevät Pandymaticista ihanteellisen pystypakkauskoneen hieman suuremmillekin tuotantomäärille.

It forms pouches in-line before they are filled and sealed. The Pandymatic outstands as far as reliability and ease of operation are concerned. The simplicity of the Pandymatic is the design, which allows the use of tube film and eliminates the inconvenience of forming collars, back seaming, and the complex controls associated with traditional form/fill/seal systems. Built-in interface ports allows the integration of counters, scales, robotics and other automatic infeed devices for fully automatic packaging. With the Pandymatic, size changes and setup are very easy to realize. The machine needs very little maintenance. Large diameter rolls and variable bag lengths enable you to pack products of practically any length.

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Advantages of the Pandymatic
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Can be used as manual, semi-automatic and automatic machine
  • Heavy duty, strong appearance
  • Equipped with support on wheels
  • Impulse sealing bar, suitable for PE, laminates
  • and PA/PE pouches
  • Adjustable bag length
  • Adjustable seal bar opening
  • 40 programs (pass word protected)
  • Digital panel
  • Error diagnostics
  • Machine built according latest directives
  • More than 20 years of experience with Pandymatic machines
  • Suitable for transparant and pre-printed film (option)


  • Special feeding funnel
  • Intermitting feeding conveyor (Optimizer)
  • Support conveyor
  • Support table
  • Anti wrinkling system
  • Out feed conveyor
  • Photocell for pre-printed film
  • Thermo transfer printer
  • Labeller
  • Encoder for printing on non printed film
  • End of film sensor
  • Perforator
  • Euro hole with third welding
  • 4 mm seal wires
  • Foot pedal
  • Hand shake for dosing system
  • Heavy and large film reel holder